Lucifer Final Season Reveals First Look at Tricia Helfer's Return

Lucifer's fifth and final season will be arriving on Netflix in 2020, and fans of the show are eager to see some of the final appearances from some of the their favorite characters in the series. Well, today we have one such appearance to offer: Tricia Helfer is back as "Mum" in Lucifer season 5! Last we saw, Mum had left the universe and given her human host Charlotte Richards a new lease on life. Well as you will see in the picture below, she is coming back in a very different way than we've seen her before.

Check out Tricia Helfer in Lucifer season 5, courtesy of TV Line:

Lucifer Final Season 5 Tricia Helfer as Mum Charlotte Richards
(Photo: Netflix via TV Line)

No details have been revealed about the reasoning behind this new look for Tricia Helfer, or what kind of part she will play in Lucifer season 5. Obviously, Charlotte/Goddess was known for sporting a much more glamorous/sexy look during her season 2 - 3 arcs. Charlotte sacrificed herself to save Amenadiel from being murdered by Marcus Pierce/Cain in season 3, and had her soul taken to heaven. Is this the heavenly version of Charlotte we're seeing? Mum's story is literally as old as the universe, and she's now in The Void: could Lucifer end up there somehow? TV shows do love alternate universe fantasy episodes, and this sort of tease suggests that something like Lucifer going on some existential journey through The Void would be an interesting way to comb through a lot of character material and potential return appearances during this final season arc.

Lucifer season 5 has been bumped up from 10 to 16 episodes, and the show has been steadily teasing each episode name to fans over social media puzzles. So far we have "Really Sad Devil Guy", "Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!", "iDiablo" and "It Never Ends Well for the Chicken". Those suggest a nice mix of serious storyline that moves the main arc forward, but also some more fun and irreverent episodes like a Beetlejuice parody or a destination episode set in Mexico. That's all to say that Helfer's appearance could really be either type or a little of both.


While Lucifer will likely be finished sometime in 2020, Netflix recently bought the option to The Sandman, the comic book series that originally spawned this particular take on Lucifer Morningstar, and will be developing it as a series with original writer Neil Gaiman on as an executive producer. It is unknown (although probably unlikely) whether The Sandman will have direct ties to this version of Lucifer.