MTV Movie & TV Awards Spoof WandaVision With Leslie Jones

The MTV Movie & TV Awards were held last night, and Marvel's WandaVision ended up winning some big [...]

The MTV Movie & TV Awards were held last night, and Marvel's WandaVision ended up winning some big awards. But along with that success, WandaVision also was also a prime target for the awards show's host, comedian Leslie Jones (SNL, Ghostbusters). Jones did a whole video segment spoofing WandaVision, in which she entered the Hex bubble that Wanda Maximoff cast over the town of Westview, New Jersey, and had a very different kind of reaction to the retro reality she stepped into. The 1950-60s world had Jones asking some pertinent questions, such as: "Where are all the black people at?!"

Check out Leslie Jones making her "LeslieVision" cameo during the MTV Movie & TV Awards, below:

The video segment did a good job splicing together the faux footage of Leslie Jones in her "Coretta Scott King" wig with the scene inside the S.W.O.R.D. base outside of Westview. In that now-famous scene, scientist Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) taps into the broadcast signal from the Hex bubble - which she dubs "Wandavision." She and FBI agent Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) then dropped some helpful exposition to explain to viewers what Marvel fans already knew: Wanda was manipulating reality to make it look like old vintage TV sitcoms.

"LeslieVision" takes the concept that Darcy and Jimmy are explaining and runs with it to a zany degree. Jones transforms her Hex Bubble into a rolling montage of the most popular black sitcoms over the decades, including The Jeffersons, Good Times, and Family Matters. Jones is "awoken" from her delusion (dressed as Steve Urkel, no less) when her own version of Monica Rambeau pierces the bubble to deliver a message: TV is more diverse, and there's even a black woman hosting the MTV Movie & TV Awards: Leslie Jones.

The skit was a fun introduction to the awards show and its host - while also doing what good comedy does: offer deeper insight. WandaVision's aping of famous TV sitcoms did neglect most shows starring black characters, while also reminding us how long entertainment has been lacking in diversity. Based on social media reactions to the video above, fans appreciated the humor - and the message.

You can check out WandaVision by streaming it on Disney+. The MTV Movie & TV Awards will be rebroadcast on MTV for the foreseeable future.