Netflix Orders All Of Us Are Dead Zombie Series

Netflix has announced that it is developing a zombie series called All Of Us Are Dead, based on the Korean webtoon series Now At Our School. The series focuses on students at school who find themselves on lockdown when it's revealed that a zombie virus has already spread through the population. Deadline reports that the All Of Us Are Dead Netflix series will be produced by Le JQ (Damo: The Legendary Police Woman, Intimate Strangers), and will be written byh Gun Sung-il, with Lee JQ and Kim Nam-su directing. JTBC Studios and Film Monster will joint produce. The series will be given a worldwide premiere through Netflix on a date TBA.

Obviously the time is ripe for Netflix to pick up a series like All Of Us Are Dead. Not only is horror - and zombie horror - a hot genre right now, but the quarantine angle of Now At Our School will be especially creepy and horrific in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic. The feeling of being trapped and watching a deadly virus spread is an all-too real fear right now. The series can also focus on the dreaded effects of quarantine isolation and being cut off from the larger world outside, not to mention loved ones.

Of course, there's also no mistake that Netflix tapped into the popular Korean Webtoon format for this series adaptation - or that there seems to be intention to keep the cultural influences on the series, beyond the basic narrative. Series like The Walking Dead and Resident Evil have pushed the zombie-horror genre about as far as fans are willing to follow; any new series trying to play in that lane needs something to distinguish itself. Some K-horror zombie drama could be the start of something.


Back in the 2000s, J-horror swept into the Hollywood mainstream and rested for years on end; if Korean storytellers are gaining steam with traditional horror tropes, it could be the kind of thing that America is very much ready for. K-horror has been bubbling for the last half decade, just waiting for a major crossover, with hits like Train to Busan definitely catching Hollywood's eye. That's all to say, Netflix could definitely be catching lighting in a bottle at a time like this: All of Us Are Dead will appeal to fans of horror, anime, comics, Netflix Originals, all in one fell swoop.

We'll keep you updated on the status of Netflix's All Of Us Are Dead.