Netflix Releases Statement Confirming Outage Has Been Fixed

Many Netflix subscribers began running into problems with the service beginning around 8:30 am ET on Thursday morning, which were quickly revealed to be part of a widespread outage. The outage mostly affected users in Europe, but also reached parts of the northern United States, Asia, and Australia. Some users were having problems actually streaming content on the site, while others faced issues trying to log in, leading to plenty of complaints across social media. Just a couple of hours after the outage began, Netflix announced that the problems at all been solved.

At about 11 am ET, Netflix took to Twitter with a statement about the outage. The company acknowledged that there had been a problem that kept users from accessing the service, but that the issues had already been addressed.

"We're sorry some of our members were unable to use Netflix for a couple our today," the company said in its statement. "The issue is now fixed. Apologies for the inconvenience."

Following the tweet, the timelines and maps on Down Detector painted a very different picture than the one it had a couple of hours earlier. The spike of outage reports dropped back to nearly zero, confirming that whatever the problem was, it had indeed been fixed.

While it was early in the morning in the United States when the outage began, it was the middle of the afternoon in the UK, meaning there were a lot more people attempting to use Netflix. The Sun reached out to Netflix at the time and were told, "We're sorry for the inconvenience and we're working to fix this as quickly as possible."


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