How Preacher's Season 2 Road Trip Brings It Closer To The Comics

Preacher is back and for the second season of the AMC series, the show’s trio of protagonists [...]

Preacher is back and for the second season of the AMC series, the show's trio of protagonists will be hitting the road.

A road trip with your best friends may sound like all fun and games, but the same three people locked in a car together – especially people with such strong personalities as Jessie, Tulip, and Cassidy – can be a recipe for disaster as well.

"It's more intense, cause there's the three of us," Ruth Negga, who plays Tulip O'Hare, tells on the show's New Orleans set. "There's not been any kind of significant others yet that we've had that much interaction yet. It's basically like reading the comic book, I suppose, with their road trip and shenanigans and hijinks that they get up to."

"I can tell you the dynamic filming really changed," says Joeseph Gilgun, who plays Cassidy. "Obviously, new place, new crew, new vibe. The first two weeks there was just a f***-ton of filming. It's gone from being stationary to now constantly being on the move. I think that's going to be the case every single season."

"It feels smaller in terms of cast, but it's more expansive in terms of the opportunity for different meetings and different people turning up," Dominic Cooper, who plays Jesse, explains. "It feels totally different, but in a really good way. I feel it was very important for us to establish who they were, and what they wanted. What their desires were, what fueled them, and what they were prepared to risk and destruct for their own benefits. And also, just to give it a really clear indication of where they come from and their background. I think you've got a very strong idea of those particular characters."

"The dynamic has changed dramatically in terms of how they cope with one another and the lies in which they're telling each other...It's much more about how they feel toward one another and how they're dealing with their problems and their mistakes and how their love for one another, if it really exists, is going to last through this very difficult journey. It seems like all joy at the beginning, a sort of fun road trip with the best mates ever. But it quickly deteriorates into chaos."

For fans of the original Preacher Vertigo Comics series, seeing Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy hit the road should remind them of the series' earliest issues.

"Now if feels like the comic much more so," Cooper says. "That's been quite hard adjusting to a different style. There were much more clear indications of the conflict that I had to deal with in that first season. I was very much trying to find something that was lost in my life and I had this church and this congregation which I wanted to help and obviously failing at it dramatically, but this is now the expanse of being on the road in search of this entity that has no reality but his strength of will and belief pushes him on.

"Now, for the fans of the original comic and for everyone who's enjoying it, I think it's the beginning of really discovering all those other insane characters that we came to love and hate from reading it."

However, some changes must still be allowed for AMC's adaptation.

"There's things you can do in comic books that you can't do in TV," Negga explains, "But I think it's made by people who love the comic and the themes. The themes are as faithful as possible...It's a very intelligent comic book. It might be kind of brash and extreme sometimes, but there is definitely a philosophical thread running through them. And what Garth wants is to provoke discussion. I think he doesn't have the answers, but I think anyone who says they do is a charlatan."

"I think though that if you're going to make changes to a comic that is as extreme as this, I think sometimes the changes have to be extreme," she continues. "You have to kind of dive headlong. If you're going to create something new it has to be able to be a companion to the comics. It can't just be kind of a half-hearted tweak."

Preacher Season 2 premieres June 25 at 10 p.m. ET on AMC.

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