'Riverdale' Recap With Spoilers: "The Man in Black"

Archie and Jughead exit a train and travel down a street. Jughead leaves Betty a voicemail letting [...]

Archie and Jughead exit a train and travel down a street. Jughead leaves Betty a voicemail letting her know about their situation. Archie suggests that Jughead go back to Riverdale, but Jughead refuses to leave him. They then stumble upon a farm, which Archie suggests they stay at for the night. They arrive at the farm, but are accused of trespassing by two sisters, Gracie and Laurie. Jughead feeds them a fake story about their circumstances. Laurie doesn't believe them, but lets them stay for dinner.

Over dinner, Laurie reveals that the men of the town are working at a job up the river. She then offers to let Archie and Jughead stay the night in the barn, as long as they agree to do some work for her.

In the barn, Jughead worries that Laurie is lying, but Archie stays optimistic.

The next morning, Archie moves bales of hay for Laurie.

Jughead travels in to town, but there's isn't anyone there. He takes photos of several signs, which have been spray painted with symbols matching the ones tied to G&G. Jughead spots an old woman sitting on the porch, who says that Jingle Jangle and Fizzle Rocks destroyed the town, and that the symbols started showing up around the same time.

Laurie shaves Archie's face and offers to let him stay there for as long as he wants. They begin kissing, but Archie stops because of Veronica. He explains the situation with Hiram, and then tells Laurie his real name.

Jughead finds a mural of the Gargoyle King in town, and takes a picture of it. He then finds a group of girls playing G&G in the back of a truck, as well as eating Fizzle Rocks. Jughead strikes up a conversation with them, and they reveal that all of the men in town left to build a prison, one that will also be used for the production of Fizzle Rocks. The girls then talk about Gracie and her father, who works for a man called "The Man in Black", who wears a black suit and drives around in a black car.

Laurie serves Archie lunch. She then hits him over the head with her frying pan.

Jughead returns to the farm, watching as Hiram gets out of his car and meets with Laurie and Gracie. Jughead hurries to get Archie, who has been tied up in the barn. He explains what's going on and asks to leave, but Archie decides to try to stay and fight — and maybe even kill Hiram. Jughead pleads with Archie to not do it, arguing that Veronica would never forgive him.

Hiram and Laurie discuss their deal — that they'll exchange Archie for Laurie's brother and father to return home. They then open the barn and find nothing there.

Jughead and Archie flee, and try to decide what to do next. Jughead suggests they visit his mom.

Hermione watches Veronica pack up her things, because she's leaving the Pembrooke. Veronica shows Hermione a newspaper, which says that Minetta went missing soon after Veronica uncovered her evidence about him. Veronica leaves, and heads to Le Bon Nuit. She sleeps on a couch in the speakeasy, waking up to begin her early shift at Pop's.

In the speakeasy, Veronica complains to Reggie about their profits. She then meets with Elio, offering him a bit of profits if he agrees to hold a casino night at the speakeasy. He agrees.

Hiram enters Pop's, telling Veronica that he and Hermione are worried about her, and condemning her casino night. He says that he's still there for Veronica if she needs him, and she asks him to leave.

Veronica holds the casino night. Reggie comes over to tell her that Elio is cheating. She approaches Elio, who refuses to stop playing. She then agrees to play blackjack with him in exchange for the deed to Pop's. Veronica wins the game and gets all of Elio's money.

Veronica and Reggie celebrate their victory. As Veronica reveals, Hiram had met with her hours before the casino night, warning her about Elio's scheme and helping her figure out a way to win.

The next morning, Pop talks to Veronica about the casino night. He asks her to not bring criminal dealings into Pop's. He then reveals that Minetta's body — or, well, what they think is Minetta's body — was decapitated and found.

Betty sits through a Rohrschach test at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. She lies her way through the test.

Betty lines up with the other girls, as they're all given their "treat" — Fizzle Rocks. Betty questions why they're dosing up everyone with the same stuff the Midnight Club took. She then takes the candy and throws it into a trash can.

Ethel becomes Betty's new roommate, and tells her about her latest conversations with the Gargoyle King. As she explains, Sister Woodhouse takes misbehaving girls into the Gargoyle King's chamber. She then tells Betty about the time when she kissed Jughead, which Betty isn't bothered by. Ethel then says that she's the queen bee at the asylum, and threatens to expose Betty's lies if she doesn't act like her friend. Betty reluctantly agrees.

Betty watches the sisters get a maple syrup delivery from Claudius Blossom, and Hiram arrive and meet with Woodhouse. She learns that Hiram - "The Man in Black" - is a major donor for the asylum.

Betty tries to find the records room to figure out why Claudius and Hiram are connected to the asylum. She then finds what she thinks is the Gargoyle King's chamber, but hears screaming as she's about to open the door.

Betty hides in a nearby closet, and watches as Sister Woodhouse takes a screaming girl out of the room. Betty is about to open the door, but Ethel shows up and stops her, saying that only sick people are allowed in the infirmary.

Betty steals a paper clip off of a stack of papers, which she plans to use to steal the records. Ethel asks Betty to play G&G with her. Betty decides to start a fight with Ethel over her kissing Jughead, as a way to get into the infirmary. Ethel falls for it, fighting with Betty until she falls and has a seizure.

Betty gets taken to the infirmary, where she's able to successfully steal her file. She finds a note in the file, which reveals that Hiram is using the inmates at the asylum to test Fizzle Rocks. Betty steals the file and attempts to escape, but the door she finds is a dead end. Ethel and the sisters find her, and they force her to take Fizzle Rocks. Sister Woodhouse then takes her into the Gargoyle King's chamber.

Sister Woodhouse gives Betty another Rohrschach test, where Betty gives her honest answers, as she sees the Gargoyle King behind her. Betty praises the Gargoyle King.