Saved by the Bell Reboot’s Cast Shares What They Want to Happen in Season Two

The Saved by the Bell reboot is now available to watch on Peacock and fans of the show are already [...]

The Saved by the Bell reboot is now available to watch on Peacock and fans of the show are already awaiting news of a second season. recently had the chance to chat with some of the show's stars, including Dexter Darden (Devante Young), Mitchell Hoog (Mac Morris), Haskiri Velazquez (Daisy Jiménez), and Belmont Cameli (Jamie Spano). The young cast revealed some advice given to them by the original show's stars and opened up about the new version's representation. We also asked each actor about their season two dreams ranging from what will they want to happen to their characters to potential throwbacks to the original series.

"Remember when they did that season when they're all in the beach and they were like volunteering at the beach club? The beach volleyball games, and all that kind of stuff? I would love for us to have the opportunity to go ahead and do something like that," Darden shared. "Then, you know, maybe John Michael Higgins finds a way for us to all do a charity effort like cleaning up the debris on the beach. And we all end up playing volleyball or something like that. Anything that we can do to continue to pay homage to the original series in a new and creative way. I'm always here and down for."

"I'm open to exploring the teen romance," Darden added when we asked about possible romances for Devante. "I think Zack and Kelly were such a big thing for us growing up as kids, and having them to look up to, even Slater and Jessie. So I think it's really great that Devante has somebody who he is interested in. And I'm really looking forward to just showcasing love, true love from a Black man to anybody, whether it be a Black female or a Latinx female or anybody. It's very rare you get to see a young Black man be emotional and vulnerable on television and connect with somebody. And so I really am just looking into diving into that a little bit more with Devante, regardless of who it is on the opposite end."

"I don't think so," Hoog revealed when asked if he has any story hopes for Mac in a potential season two. "I gained this relationship and it kind of ended on a sweet note for me. The fact that that, kind of the reassurance of love from my dad. And I think that relationship can always go further. I mean, maybe it would be nice to find a love interest. I don't know. Mac's a lonely guy."

Hoog added, "It was funny... I was scrolling through [Instagam] and somebody sent me, I think it may have been Belmont, or somebody, they sent me this collage of videos. And it was somebody trying to get Daisy and Mac to date in season two. And I was like, 'Is this a thing right now? What's going on?'"

"Maybe if there's a season two, like the last episode to lead people on a cliffhanger for wanting more," Velazquez said of a potential Daisy/Mac relationship. "We can't give it to them so quick. Yeah. We've got to tease them a little bit."

"I think I want Daisy to maybe have... I don't know if I want her to have a love interest, but I think it'll be cool for her to maybe have a little crush or something," Velazquez explained. "But I think that I'm still in love with the fact that she's so focused on herself and her future that I think I want to see more of that. I want to see where Daisy can take her future and how she can keep inspiring the Bayside kids and how she's able to switch the school around. So I definitely want to dive in a little more to that for sure."

She added, "You know who I would love to see more of would be Lisa Turtle. I would love for her to do some more cameos, I would say in season two. I think she was just such a fashionista. Maybe, hello showrunners, maybe we can do like where she comes in and he gives all of us a fashion makeover, I'm here for it. I'll take that."

"The 'Rockumentary' episode, where they do 'Friends Forever; is one of my favorites because it's got that original Bayside absurdity where it's essentially a Zack Morris fever dream, and they do this whole song and dance," Cameli shared. "I love how the original wasn't afraid to just get totally weird at some points. I think it would be really fun for the cast to do something like that. And so we'll have to see in the future if that can come back."

He added, "I am looking forward to seeing how Jamie's parents devolve or evolve. Their relationship is a little hairy, especially at the end of Season One. So I think Jamie and his family are going to have to reach a couple obstacles, maybe some difficult truths that they'll have to come to terms with. And then, yeah, just seeing the triangle play out and where Jamie's heart will fall and who he'll be with. But mostly I'm curious to see how Jamie's family dynamic plays out. I think there's a lot of ways to go about it. Of course, Slater and Jessie are throwing a couple of sparks around. So who knows?"

Saved by the Bell is now streaming on Peacock.