Game of Thrones and X-Men Star Sophie Turner Joins List of Celebrities Refusing to Work in Anti-Abortion States

Game of Thrones may have only crowned one new king by the end (it's Bran Stark, spoilers), but [...]

Game of Thrones may have only crowned one new king by the end (it's Bran Stark, spoilers), but it's managed to crown an entire new crop of young stars, from Hollywood all the way across the pond to the UK. One of the biggest young stars to come out of Game of Thrones is no doubt Sophie Turner, who has grown to be as much as a celebrity sensation offscreen as she is onscreen.

Turner isn't just a pop-culture fixation: she's grown to be a legitimate social influencer, who is not afraid to speak out about the important socio-political concerns facing young women today. It's only understandable then, that Sophie Turner would feel some kind of way about the recent wave of new anti-abortion laws that are sweeping through several US states.

As you can see above, some of the most high-profile actors in Hollywood have all teamed up to sign a letter, in which they pledge to refuse to work in Atlanta, Georgia, anymore, if Governor Brian Kemp signs Bill 481 into law, which is also known as the "Living Infants Fairness Equality Act, aka "LIFE Act" or "HB481". The Bill essentially would prevent any practicing medical doctors in Georgia from performing abortions on a embryo after six weeks - which many see as a roundabout way of virtually banning abortion altogether, as many women don't even know for certain that they are pregnant before the six-week mark.

Now Sophie Turner has added her name to Hollywood's boycott of HB481 - a fact she expressed to reporters (apparently before even telling her agents) during the press junket for her upcoming film, X-Men: Dark Phoenix:

I have yet to tell my agents I signed it…" Turner said. "They're going to be like: 'What? You can't work in these states?' Yeah, I can't work in these states."

It's not the first time that Turner has had to weight such professional considerations, apparently. Game of Thrones had to shoot in Northern Ireland, in areas that were notoriously conservative about abortion laws: "There was a lot of work of Game of Thrones there, so luckily we're moving on."

Turner isn't stopping with just signing on the dotted line of Hollywood's boycott letter - she's also making her own statements on the abortion law changes, via her personal social media platforms:

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix hits theaters on June 7th.