'Supernatural' Will See Sam & Dean Become Parents Next Season

Supernatural has a long history of father-son struggles, and the show is about try out the relationship yet again. When the show returns this week for its 13th season, Sam and Dean Winchester will find themselves play parents to the actual spawn of Satan.

You might as well wish the first-time dads good luck now.

Recently, Entertainment Weekly had a chance to speak wth the co-showrunner of Supernatural about the show’s new season. It was there that Robert Singer said the Winchesters would get to explore a brand-new side of themselves this fall.

“To have [Sam and Dean] confronted by this kid who is at once scary and charming gives us a chance to show a different side of the guys, and that’s always a great thing, especially 13 seasons in,” the producer said.

“If Dean had a kid, what would that look like? If Sam had a kid, what would that look like? The joke is that it’s My Two Dads, Hell Edition.”

While the brothers may not have sired Lucifer’s son, the two did find themselves left in charge of the nephilim last season. Supernatural wrapped its twelfth season months ago with a fiery finale that left Castiel dead, Mary trapped in an alternate world, and Satan’s spawn born into the world. The season ended with Sam coming across an aged-up version of Jack after the possible anti-christ was born. So, when the show starts its next season, fans will get to see how Sam and Dean are dealing with the newest member of Team Free Will.

Of course, Jack won’t be like any other teenage; If this kid has an emo phase, the fate of the world could be at risk. The nephilim has both heaven and hell after his head, and Jack holds the power to cause some serious mayhem if left he is left to his own devices. Castiel believed in the boy before his death, so it looks like Dean and Sam will have to ensure Jack lives up to the angel’s mighty prediction.


It’s just a shame John Winchester isn’t around to see his boys get a boy of their own.

Supernatural returns to The CW on October 12th at 8 p.m. ET.

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