Supernatural Series Finale: [Spoiler] Dies

After last week's action-packed finale, in which Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), along with Jack (Alex Calvert), squared off with God (Rob Benedict) and won, there wasn't really a way to go bigger from there. Instead, the series finale of Supernatural returned to what the first season had been about: a couple of brother hunting the things that go bump in the night. Some familiar faces popped up along the way, and tragedy struck. It was bound to happen -- the first ten minutes or so of the episode were nothing but brotherly bonding, playing with the dog, and getting food.

But it wasn't long after a trip to a pie festival, where Dean ate pretty much everything in sight, that the brothers got a call: some creepy stuff was going on, and it was time for them to investigate. It would be the final case in the series, so as routine as it was, it was bound ot be surprising.

Spoilers ahead for "Carry On," the series finale of Supernatural, which airs tonight.

The case turned out to be a group of mask-wearing vampires, who had murdered a couple and kidnapped their children. Sam and Dean set out to find them, and managed to do so, incapacitating the two who had done the deed and getting directions to their home base, where the kids were.

In the fight that ensued, Sam and Dean found that the leader of the vampires was a woman that Dean had encountered early in Sam and Dean's days as solo hunters. She said she had called "dibs" on him, but before she could get too into things, Sam managed to kill her.

That led to a final brawl between the Winchesters and the two remaining vampires. During the melee, both vampires were killed, but Dean was also slammed against a post that had a sharp piece of rebar sticking out of it.

Knowing that he was dying, Dean asked Sam to stay with him, and had a final heart-to-heart with his brother, telling him how proud of him he was and telling him to carry on. He asked Sam to tell him that everything would be okay, and Sam did, allowing Dean to die peacefully.


Even after his body was burned on a pyre, fans online were speculating that Jack might bring him back (that's the perks of being best friends with the new God) -- but instead, we got to follow Dean to Heaven, where he met Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) and found out that his parents had a place nearby. Hopping into the Impala, Dean made his way for the joyous reunion he deserved...and as an added perk, since time passes differently in Heaven, by the time he got there, Sam had lived a full life, died, and was there at his side.

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