The Outpost to Resume Filming on Season 3

In a post-pandemic world, The CW's The Outpost will be one of the first series to restart [...]

In a post-pandemic world, The CW's The Outpost will be one of the first series to restart production. The Jessica Green-starring fantasy series had previously been about halfway filming its third season when production first ceased in March due to the spreading coronavirus pandemic. Producers Dean Devlin of Electric Entertainment and Jason Faller and Kynan Griffin (Arrowstorm) announced the return to work Monday morning in a joint statement, saying they've got a plan in place with Serbian authorities to still uphold social distancing standards to further prohibit the spread of the virus while working on set.

"We are excited to be one of the first productions to resume after the TV and film industry was put on pause," Devlin's statement read. "Balkanic Media has gone above and beyond to ensure everyone's safety on-set, and we are happy that the third season of The Outpost will be completed and ready to premiere Fall 2020."

As a part of the plan, The Outpost has to have a medical advisor involved at all times. For that, the production company has enlisted Dr. Branka Matijasevic, the head of Policlinic Eterna Medical System in Belgrade.

"After examining the content of the Post-isolation Plan for the continuation of production of The Outpost, Season 3, I can state that the Plan meets the requirements of all standards in COVID-19 prevention prescribed by the Institute of Public Health of Serbia," she said. "As one of the essential measures I propose daily physical examinations for the cast, conducted upon arrival to the studio and consisting of the following procedures: auscultation of lungs and heart, ECG, tension measurement, saturation measurement and check for febrile. Results would be filed and kept. Crew members would be examined weekly, one pod at a time, following the same procedure as the cast. Each member of cast and crew will have a medical file with record of all examinations, and it would be accessible for review per request."

Per Devlin's statement, the show still anticipates premiering this Fall, in a slate that's otherwise been emptied of original content by The CW. Like the second season, which was also filmed in Serbia, the third season of The Outpost is also set to be 13 episodes. The series starts Green, Jake Stormoen, Imogen Waterhouse, and Anand Desai-Barochia in lead roles. Devlin, Faller, and Griffin executive producer the show along with Jonathan Glassner, Marc Roskin, and Rachel Olschan-Wilson. Jennifer Griffin and Jonathan English have also received producer credits.