Vampire Academy Showrunners Tease Victor's Fate in Season 1 Finale (Exclusive)

The Season 1 finale of Vampire Academy, "Ascension", arrived Thursday on Peacock and it's an episode that pulled out all the stops. There were some major developments in the episode, with murder of Queen Marina, the Strigoi attack on St. Vladmir's the revelation that Tatiana Vogel has been masterminding pretty much everything in her relentless pursuit of the crown — which she ended up taking at the end of the episode — not to mention the brief reunion of Lissa with her brother Andre, only for him to be killed for real and later revealed to have been turned Strigoi.

But amidst all of the chaos, there was also a devastating turn for another powerful character, Victor Dashkov (J. August Richards). Episodes leading up to the finale revealed that not only was Victor suffering from an incurable illness, but that he'd been using his daughter, Sonya (Jonetta Kaiser) and her Spirit powers to keep himself from dying, even though each time she healed him it caused her harm. Ultimately pushed too far, Sonya ends up crossing a line and turns Strigoi. The last we see of Victor in the episode is him being confronted by a now-Strigoi Sonya with Victor attempting to apologize for everything he's done. While we know Sonya attacks him, what happens next remains unseen. And according to series showrunners Julie Plec and Marguerite MacIntyre, fans will just have to wait for a second season for Victor's fate.

"That is frankly a decision that we are going to make when we start talking about season two," Plec told "What I love about Victor is that I haven't seen a sense from the audience that they're as angry with him for his choices as maybe even we as writers were. And because that's a testament to the arc and to J., the actor who made a character who was root-able even as he was progressing into making worse and worse decisions. So, that's a really interesting character. And the question is like, okay, well what road could we travel down with that character if we wanted to? So, we shall see."

"He has such good intentions and then it's like, 'well I'll cross that line a little bit with this choice, I'll cross that line a little bit with this choice,'" MacIntyre said. "And suddenly he's way off field."

Has Vampire Academy been renewed for Season 2?

As of the time of this article's writing, Peacock has not yet announced the fate of Vampire Academy. The first season of the series is now streaming on Peacock.