WandaVision Memes Perfectly Sum Up Fan Frustration With the Credits

WandaVision is Marvel Studios' first big TV series directly connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, and as such, the show hasn't been immune to its fair share of criticisms. The homages to old TV sitcoms, the slow-burn pace, and dangling mysteries have all been fodder for online chat threads, but there's a few memes that may perfectly sum up the biggest problem that Marvel fans seem to have with WandaVision: the show's short runtime and the constant surprise of the end credits rolling! Fans meticulously check the length of each new WandaVision episode while watching, but unfortunately, those lengthy credits sequences have been throwing fans way off, making episodes feel truncated slamming viewers into the end credits before they are ready to step off the ride.

Check out the WandaVision memes that perfectly capture Marvel fan frustration with those end credits:

Why? from r/marvelmemes

This WandaVision runtime/end credits meme has topped 36K likes in three days, proving that there is more than just a small contingent of Marvel fans who are taking particular issues with this aspect of the show.

So far, WandaVision has given fans something of an uneven experience when it comes to episode length:

  1. "Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience" (30m)
  2. "Don't Touch That Dial" (37m)
  3. "Now in Color" (33m)
  4. "We Interrupt This Program" (35m)
  5. "On a Very Special Episode..."
  6. "All-New Halloween Spooktackular" (38m)

The WandaVision credits sequence is 7+ minutes long, so really all we're getting is a range of 20-30 minutes of new Marvel Cinematic Universe content, per week. The lower end of that scale (22m) is about the length of the average TV sitcom episode (commercial breaks bring it up to 30m), so if nothing else, WandaVision is definitely in keeping with the TV sitcom tradition.

In terms of that credits sequence: It should be remembered that WandaVision is part of a new wave of Marvel Studios streaming series, which were presented to fans with the lofty promise of delivering what is essentially a long-form Marvel Cinematic Universe film on TV. Anyone who has sat in the theater to catch the end-credits scene of an MCU movie knows that's about a 10+ minute credits sequence to sit through. No surprise with the level of production given to WandaVision that we need 7 minutes to properly recognize all the technical and storytelling wizardry at Marvel Studios.

WandaVision streams new episodes Fridays on Disney+.