Vincent Cassel Cast in Westworld Season 3

The newest face of Westworld has officially been brought online. According to a new report from Deadline, Vincent Cassel will be joining the cast of the HBO drama's upcoming third season.

The report doesn't go into too much detail surrounding Cassel's character, other than that he will play "a new villain" and will serve as a series regular.

"We're incredibly excited to work with Vincent Cassel," series creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy said in a statement. "We've been longtime fans of his and are thrilled for him to join the Westworld team."

Cassel is a French actor known for his work in La Haine, Black Swan, and Jason Bourne. He will join several new additions for the upcoming third season, including Aaron Paul and Lena Waithe.

Details about Season 3 have largely been under wraps since Westworld's sophomore season drew to a close last summer. But given the sort of "brave new world" that was showcased in the Season 2 finale, it's safe to assume that the show will go into new territory.

"I think it's a radical shift." co-showrunner Jonathan Nolan explained in an interview last year. "What's compelling and appealing about these characters is that they're not human. As we said in the show, humans are bound by the same loops the hosts are, in some ways even smaller. You couldn't expect human characters to withstand and survive the kind of story that we're telling. The hosts have a different version of mortality, a different outlook. I think clearly with Dolores, as she's laid out, there is a longer view here, a larger set of goals. They're existential. They span eons. And that's a fascinating level of story 
to engage in."

"We do know that Dolores has taken a lot of pearls with her," series star Evan Rachel Wood told last year. "Who are those pearls? I don't know. I know there's also a mystery pearl in the Hale body because once Dolores got out of Hale and rebuilt herself and rebuilt Bernard she kept the Hale body and that Hale is now going out into the real world with her but we have no idea who's in there."


"I think now, Season Three, she'll be in the real world apparently," Wood continued. "And I think that's gonna be really interesting for her because now she is actually alone. Because unfortunately through hard decisions that she had to make, some that she may even regret, we've lost Teddy which was devastating."

Season 3 of Westworld does not currently have a release date.