'The X-Files': Gillian Anderson Posts Perfect Comment About That Mulder and Scully Hookup Tease

Last night's episode of the The X-Files, 'Plus One' was a throwback to the series early days, [...]

The X-Files Season 11 Mulder Scully Sex Scene

Last night's episode of the The X-Files, "Plus One" was a throwback to the series early days, where standalone "freak of the week" cases were still bigger than the larger conspiracy mythology. Aside from the freaky threat of evil dopplegangers, and two wonderfully loony telepathic twins, "Plus One" also snuck in some classic understated "Will they / won't they" with Mulder and Scully. Only this time, it was more of a "did they / didn't they" situation.

Yes, "Plus One" got in not one, but two indirect references to Mulder and Scully doing the deed. The first time was when Scully gets in a hotel bed to snuggle and chat with Mulder about life and her unfulfilled motherhood desires; a few scenes later, we see a seemingly undressed Scully in that same bed, with Mulder telling her to 'wipe the afterglow' off, as they need to get back on the case.

The second instance was much less ambiguous: at the end of the episode, Mulder and Scully are packing up to leave the hotel, and Mulder offers to keep Scully company if needed - an offer she promptly shuts down. However, as Scully is standing there alone, she changes her mind and opens the connecting door to her and Mulder's rooms, only to find Mulder standing there, waiting expectantly.

If any fans were left feeling agonized about the ambiguous way that The X-Files played this, series star Gillian Anderson is here to clear it up:

If you want us to save you a Google: ATTHS is Urban Dictionary speak for "And Then They Had Sex". Consider this XXX-File closed.

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