Young Sheldon EP Reveals If the Younger Big Bang Theory Characters Will Return

Last season's finale of Young Sheldon tugged on fans' heartstrings, with a sequence that showed the child version of the other The Big Bang Theory cast members. But if you were looking forward to a larger Big Bang reunion on the spinoff show, you might be out of luck. In a recent interview with TVLine, Young Sheldon showrunner Steve Molaro addressed why the other Big Bang characters probably won't be factoring into the sister show for the time being.

“The goal in seeing the Big Bang characters as kids was to pay tribute to the Bang series finale, which also aired that night,” Molaro explained. “So, it’s unlikely. But I’ll never say never.”

The Young Sheldon episode, which aired right after Big Bang's series finale, followed a young Sheldon Cooper trying to listen to the Nobel Prize award announcements (foreshadowing his endgame in the latter-set show's finale). At the episode's end, the show flashed to the younger versions of the Big Bang cast in their various childhood orbits.

Young Leonard and Young Raj could both be seen at desks in their respective, while Young Penny fell asleep in a colorful bedroom. Young Howard was shown playing video games in a bean bag chair, Young Bernadette was shown peacefully falling asleep, and Young Amy was shown reading Little House on the Prairie by flashlight.

The cameos certainly tied the whole night of Big Bang's ending together in a heartwarming way, so it's understandable why that magic wouldn't be attempted again.

“It’s such a tremendous night for Big Bang Theory,” Molaro explained at the time. “we were hopeful to find a way to somehow make it feel like a cohesive [night of programming] and, more importantly, pay homage to Big Bang, which was ending and which was the birthplace of Young Sheldon. And this was, hopefully, a way we were able to achieve that.”


“I do think it is a moving and powerful ending for Young Sheldon that is, at the same time, a love letter to Big Bang Theory," Molaro added.

Season 3 of Young Sheldon will premiere on September 26th on CBS.