Watch: Stone Cold Steve Austin Jokes That Madison Square Garden Is His Favorite Place to Get Arrested

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin made his triumphant return to Madison Square Garden on Monday night when he kicked off and ended this week's Monday Night Raw. In a backstage interview after the show, the WWE Hall of Famer joked that of all the places he had been "arrested" over the years, MSG was his favorite. Long-time fans of his will recall that Austin was arrested (in storyline) back in the Attitude Era when he hit Vince McMahon with the first of many Stunners inside the famous arena.

"I've been arrested all over the United States," Austin said. "This is my favorite place to get arrested in. I don't want to tell anybody to go out there and get arrested, but if you're going to do it, this is the place to do it. It's good to be here. Everybody knows I'm not a sentimental guy, but this is Madison Square Garden. We had a family reunion in Florida and to come back out here and be amongst the guys and gals with the spotlight on them; I'm like a kid in the candy store."

Austin opened the show by moderating the WWE Universal Championship contract signing between Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman, and wound up hitting AJ Styles with a Stunner after The O.C. tried to interrupt the segment. He ended the show with a beer bath alongside Rollins, Strowman, The Viking Raiders and Cedric Alexander hit stunned Styles again after the cameras stopped rolling.

Monday marked the first time Austin had appeared on WWE television in-person since the Raw Reunion special back in July. He admitted on a recent episode of The Steve Austin Show that he nearly lost his voice before going on the air after partying with Ric Flair for the previous two days.


"I was kind of hungover the next day because I always pace myself here at the house, but [Flair was] telling stories all night long. [Flair] was kind of holding court. I was like a parrot. I was right behind [Flair], damn near on [Flair's] right shoulder laughing my ass off," Austin said.

"By the time I showed up at Monday Night Raw, I had stayed up so late with [Flair] two nights in a row. And then, [Flair] brought in this cast of characters," he added. "And by the time we got to the RAW reunion, I was talking to the WWE Superstars for like eight hours before we went on air. By the time I went out to go cut my promo, my voice was basically gone because I had partied too hard with [Flair] and then talked my voice out, so I effed myself is what I did."