Abdulmalik Reveals What Stranger Things Would Look Like If Created by WWE

Stranger Things season 4 delivered some of the best television of the year, and now the world waits to see how the series will bring things to a close in season 5. It's hard to imagine the show looking any other way now that we're used to the Netflix favorite, but Artist Abdulmalik's new artwork reveals what could've been if WWE had created the series instead, and it's about as surreal as you might expect. The artwork features Demon Finn Balor as Vecna, looming over the rest of the characters in play, many of whom have been transformed into kid versions in fitting with the show. The crew assembled here includes Kofi Kingston, Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins, and more, and it is amazing. You can check out WWE Stranger Things for yourself in the artwork below, and you can find more from Abdulmalik on his Instagram right here.

Balor is also Eleven in the poster, and other stars featured include Lynch, Kingston, Alexa Bliss, Rhea Ripley, Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, Rollins, Logan Paul, Pat McAfee, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, Bianca Belair, Riddle, and Randy Orton. WWE Headquarters stands at the bottom while the creatures of the Upside Down reach out from either side of the piece.

The Pizza van is right next to Riddle and Orton, who are two of the most delightful recreations here, though Bliss, McIntyre, and Rollins are also amazing. Also, Balor's demon form totally gives off Vecna vibes so his position here is perfection. You can check out the artwork in the post above.

Stranger Things, really delivered in its fourth season, with the final episodes of the season feeling like mini-movies. Vecna was defeated in the end, but it didn't seem like it was a true defeat, and odds are we'll see Vecna return in season 5. While the various citizens of Hawkins have not widely known about the Upside Down aside from those looking to keep the city safe, that doesn't seem possible to maintain in season 5, as towards the end of season 4 there are massive lines of destruction and the link between the two worlds is more apparent than ever. Plus, it seems as if the land nearby is dying as a result, and that's not even considering the personal toll Vecna's actions took on this team of friends.

We'll have to wait and see how it all shakes out, so hopefully, we'll get an exact release date for season 5 soon. In the meantime, you can watch WWE's own shakeups happen every week on Raw and SmackDown, which take place every Monday and Friday.

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