AEW's Cody Rhodes Begs To Have Account Deleted Under One Condition

Cody Rhodes has done something amazing with his role as both a professional wrestler and overall heel within the ranks of All Elite Wrestling but in a recent interview, Rhodes laid out just what would be required for him to delete his social media accounts during his professional wrestling career. The AEW has done what was once imagined to be the impossible, creating a wrestling organization that has become a serious contender to World Wrestling Entertainment, the organization that Vince McMahon created that has dominated the airwaves for decades when it comes to professional wrestling.

In speaking with the outlet of TALKSport, Rhodes noted that he would like for his social media accounts to be deleted if he began talking about demographics, aka the ages of those viewers who are watching AEW Dynamite, Revolution, and the Pay Per View events that have put All Elite Wrestling on the map:

"I think early on we were looking at it, and there’s really that specialness with X amount of wrestling fans tuning in on a Wednesday night. As a big wrestling fan, what does that mean to me etc. I think now with where we’re at and as we’re gearing towards our next big pay-per-view, and we’re gearing towards Fight for the Fallen, we really have to put our focus on having the best show. It’s really easy to get caught up in the weeds with like ‘for X amount of weeks we beat WWE in the ratings’ or get into this wild demo discussion – if you ever catch me tweeting about the demos, please just delete my account."

Cody Rhodes AEW Delete Account
(Photo: AEW)

Recently, AEW's Fyter Fest was within swinging distance of WWE NXT's Great American Bash, proving that the Tony Khan created professional wrestling organization has really found an audience looking for entertainment that they might not receive in the world of World Wrestling Entertainment. Though the WWE still has big time events such as Wrestlemania, Royal Rumble, and Survivor Series that might be tough for AEW to overtake any time soon, but Cody Rhodes' baby is continuing to gain more momentum as the days pass.


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