Cody Rhodes Teases Reviving The Four Horsemen in AEW

If you've been paying attention to attention to the online wrestling community lately then you've probably noticed fans picking up on subtle little clues on AEW television that point to the return of The Four Horsemen favtion. Whether its Cody Rhodes flashing the four fingers during a promo or Dax Harwood casually doing the same during a tag match, certain fans are now convinced that the new version of the classic stable would include Rhodes, both members of FTR and Shawn Spears. Rhodes decided to address that speculation in a new interview with TalkSport this week.

"Certain organic things happen on planet wrestling that you don't plant the seeds for," Rhodes explained. "No one has planted [New Four Horseman] seeds, really. Maybe a few baby seeds have grown into this speculation about a four person group and then people have mentioned the Four Horseman. I don't think you can ever do the Four Horseman; that's ambitious, braggadocios and, very likely, you'd have the most uphill battle ever. You're talking about wrestlers of the calibre of Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, the Minnesota Wrecking Crew and whatever creations of the Horseman you're looking at, but those guys bell-to-bell and in real life, on the microphone, just the total packages. Total packages as a unit, too. Just so special and that's why it lives on today.

"I think in this case, I love flirting with some of the concepts that were out there because my dad and my family was always the antithesis of the Four Horseman," he continued. "Their biggest rival was my father. And now, one of his biggest rivals is genuinely one of my closest confidants and coaches and it's really a different career than I had envisioned. But I love having Double A there and I know Arn has had some conversations with Tony Khan and FTR and I know [Shawn] Spears has had some conversations with FTR.

Rhodes concluded — "There's this kind of lingering situation here, but really the only way you'd ever know if something like that would work is you got to get in there and touch one another and wrestle, wrestle on the same team. Maybe even against each other. That's really the only way to know. So I'm curious to see like everybody — even though my name is all over it — I'm curious to see where that goes."

For whatever its worth, original Four Horsemen members Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard are already in AEW. Ric Flair, the group's original leader, even gave his endorsement during a recent interview.