AEW's Cody Rhodes Arrives In The Ring With The Boys Attire

Amazon's The Boys has become one of the most successful comic book adaptations to hit the small screen in recent memory, with the series created by Garth Ennis of Preacher and Hitman fame and it seems that the perverse story of superheroes has found its way into the ring of AEW. With Cody Rhodes recently arriving in the squared circle to battle rival Malakai Black, the American Nightmare of All Elite Wrestling sported a look that mimicked the look of the American Nightmare of The Boys in Homelander, the all-powerful villain who bears more than a few similarities to Superman. 

The Boys has recently finished wrapping filming its third season, with the Amazon series continuing the story of the gnarly superheroes and the band of misfits that are looking to find a way to bring down the Seven and the company known as Vought International. Homelander is easily one of the scariest characters in The Boys, having similar abilities to that of the last son of Krypton but having none of the morales that helped make Clark Kent such a beloved character in the DC Comics Universe. The last scene of Homelander in season two was as hilariously dark as the character himself, and the Superman analog played by Anthony Starr is sure to continue having a major role in the series moving forward.

The Boys' Official Twitter Account shared its thoughts on the American Nightmare entering the All Elite ring wearing the outfit of the Amazon series' American Nightmare, as Cody Rhodes set to take down his rival Malakai Black and bringing together the world of pop culture and professional wrestling:

AEW has been on a massive upswing thanks in part to adding the likes of superstars Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson to its ranks via the recent pay-per-view event known as AEW All Out. With All Elite Wrestling nipping at the WWE's heels when it comes to ratings and popularity among wrestling fans, it will be interesting to see which organization is able to ultimately come out on top and what other popular pop culture franchises are referenced by both companies along the way.


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