AEW Forbidden Door 2022: Thunder Rosa Retains Championship in Victory Over Toni Storm

With the only match featuring AEW's female superstars at Forbidden Door, Thunder Rosa and Toni Storm surely had a lot of pressure on their shoulders when it came to this hyped-up match that would determine who would be walking away with the AEW Women's World Championship Belt. This match marked the first time that the two wrestlers have met and it definitely saw the two superstars leaving everything on the table as Thunder Rosa was able to retain the title and walk away as the Women's Champion once again. 

The match between Storm and Rosa wasn't relegated only to the ring, with the two eventually exchanging blows outside of the ropes and delivering some major punishment to one another as DDTs were flying fast and furious. With Thunder Rosa entering the ring with some impressive face make-up, her brutal style was able to net her the major win though the two opponents were able to have a nice bonding moment following the tussle. 

AEW shared one of the pivotal moments that netted Rosa the win and helped her to hold onto her belt:

In hyping up the match, Thunder Rosa originally had this to say to TV Insider:

"Fans can expect a really cool match. We've never wrestled with each other before. This is going to be very vibrant and different. We are the only women's match on the card. We are going to show up and show out."  

Toni Storm, in an interview with Busted Open Radio, commented on her previous time at the WWE while continuing to forge her career in the ring as a part of All Elite Wrestling: 

"I'm not saying I have a problem with WWE, at all. I'm actually really grateful for the time I had there. I learned so much. It was so cool. It was real, it was cool, but in the end it wasn't real cool. Something just happened and I left. I felt like I was having an out-of-body experience. Have you ever just lost your mind? That's kind of what happened. The stress of not seeing family in years and so many overwhelming things all at once. I've been happier ever since."

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