AEW Star Clarifies That They're Not Actually Leaving the Company

Sammy Guevara took to social media following his loss to Jon Moxley and last week's AEW Dynamite and indicated that he might be leaving the company. But "The Spanish God" uploaded his latest vlog on Wednesday and explained that, while he contemplated it, he's not departing the company. Guevara took part in the first match in AEW Dynamite history, has held the TNT Championship a record three times and is considered one of the "Four Pillars" of the AEW originals alongside MJF, Darby Allin and Jungle Boy. 

"Here we go. This past Wednesday, I lost. I lost my chance to be the world champion, which I said from the very beginning of Dynamite. ...And unfortunately, that was not in the cards for now. I thought it was going to happen. I had all these ideas. I was like, you know what? It's time for my merch to be sold in the arenas. It's time for my face to be on all the posters and to be on all the trucks. And this, that, and the other. I had all these ideas and how things were going to change if I won this world title," Guevara began.

"The things you want and the things you need are not always the same thing. And the universe has a plan for us all. And unfortunately that plan was not for me to be the world champ. I also got pretty frustrated because I try to make a moment every time I'm out there, but somewhere along the way I just got this crazy amount of hate. I don't understand really what I did, but I see it. People want me to go away. People say they're tired of me. Blah blah blah blah blah," he continued. "So while I'm in this negative mindset, I think maybe I should go away. Maybe this is it for me. You know, I had a nice ride and maybe I need to go away to get you all to appreciate me. Because that's what you guys do. You know, that's what you all did to Cody (Rhodes). While he was in AEW, you all hated him. And then he went to WWE, and you guys love him now. So I thought in my mind, man. I'm like, you know what? Maybe this is it for me. And I'm not even talking about, you know, going somewhere else. I'm just talking about maybe I just need to take a break in general. But, I took a breath, and I thought there's still some tread on the tires. There's still gas in the tank. And so, we're going to keep going. We're not giving up. We're just going to start back over, rebuild, and we're going to get to that fucking title eventually. Eventually the gas will run out, and the tires will lose all the tread, and we're going to need some new tires. Hopefully, we get to where we're trying to get to before that all happens."

He concluded — "Just know that I appreciate the people who support me. You guys who watch these vlogs, bring Sammy signs, all this stuff. I appreciate you guys. You guys are part of the vlog crew. You guys mean a lot to me. And for the people who are against me, I got something for you. It's a... Fuck you! (Reached over for an object to reveal the middle finger.) Thank you guys very much for all the support. We are going to start over and rebuild and get to where we're getting to. But first, we got to end things. We got to end things. Starting this Friday, we're going to end this s— with Eddie Kingston. I took this match, because I ain't scared of that guy."

After having their match at All Out scrapped due to a backstage altercation, Guevara and Eddie Kingston will wrestle at AEW Rampage: Grand Slam tonight (airing on Friday). Stay tuned for full coverage!

h/t Cageside Seats