Alicia Fox Reportedly AWOL After Declining WWE's Rehab Offer

It sounds like Alicia Fox is in a weird place.

On Tuesday, reports came out indicating that after allowing Fox to wrestle while intoxicated, WWE decided to fire Arn Anderson. However, according to Fightful, the incident led to WWE offering Fox a stint in rehab. Per the scoop, Fox instead went absent causing some of WWE's higher-ranking officials to be unsure if she took the rehab offer or actually went AWOL.

Fox hasn't wrestled since February 10 and has reportedly not been present for recent episodes of Raw. For what it's worth, she hasn't tweeted since January.

Fightful's report noted that Fox has been the proverbial "thin ice" before, specifically after her WrestleMania 34 run-in with Ronda Rousey's husband, Travis Browne. That incident was caught on cell phone and looked to be alcohol infused. While the video didn't show anything too egregious, it was worth a raise of the eyebrows.

Fox also apparently landed in hot water in 2017 when she showed up two hours late to a WWE event, a mistake that reportedly cost her a push.

Last summer, PWInsider noted that WWE was considering letting Fox go. That rumor was rooted in her incident with Browne, but given we're nearly a year after the fact, WWE clearly took another path.

The 32-year-old Fox has had a few nice moments in recent months when given the opportunity. With the ability to flash some remarkable athleticism as well as being able to play a convincingly insane character, Fox certainly has value in WWE. But if she's missing, or wrestling drunk, then the company doesn't have too much use for her.


Fox made her WWE debut during a 2008 episode of SmackDown where she played a wedding planner hired to coordinate Edge and Vickie Guerrero's nuptials. Fox won her first-ever WWE Championship in 2010, simultaneously becoming the first African American to win the Diva's Championship. Fox appeared on every season of Total Divas but was a main cast member in seasons 3-5.

For now, her WWE status is alarming ambiguous. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.