Backstage Reason Behind WWE Superstar's Release

Yesterday, the WWE announced that Simon Gotch of The Vaudevillains had been released from the company after he apparently requested his release. There was initially no word on the reasons behind Gotch's released, but today some more information is slipping out for what may have led to the Smackdown star's exit.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Gotch's personality may have gotten himself in trouble with the WWE, stemming back to a 2016 backstage fight with Sin Cara. That fight was said to be a "one-sided destruction" by Cara and it was reported at the time that "Gotch's mouth sometimes gets people mad at him."

Dave Meltzer of the Observer also reports that former partner Aiden English is scheduled to receive a push coming out of the breakup of The Vaudevillains.

Gotch, who has changed his name on Twitter to Simon (tbd), has said that he would be explaining his side of the story soon in interviews. The former NXT Tag Champ did respond to a report that he was released due to a massive ego and for being late to nearly every show. The report also stated that his partner, Aiden English, asked for them to be separated.

Like many NXT acts, neither Aiden or Gotch had be seen much success since joining the WWE's main roster. The two were viewed as serious title contenders upon their call-up, but were quickly relegated to a comedy act.

If Aiden is in line for a push, we wouldn't be surprised to see him end up on Raw after next week's "Superstar Shake-Up."

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