Watch: Kofi Kingston and Bret Hart Compare Converse Shoes On 'I Just Love Kicks'

Kofi Kingston and Bret Hart share one major accomplishment in common: they have both held the WWE Championship.

However the two WWE stars have another shared characteristic that they can bond over.

They're both big time sneaker heads.

Throughout his wrestling career, Hart was known for sporting the latest Nike and Air Jordan releases on television. Kingston, for his part, hosts a series on YouTube focusing on sneakers.

The two came together during SummerSlam weekend when both stars each had exclusive editions of Converse sneakers released exclusively in Toronto. Kingston filmed a segment with Hart where they compared their respective sneakers.

Hart spoke about growing up a huge fan of Converse sneakers and how it would have been a major dream of his to have a special pair of the shoes made with his face on them.


For those wondering, the shoes sold out almost instantaneously and were extremely hard to come by in Toronto. In fact, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins filmed a vlog for their YouTube channel during SummerSlam weekend and featured a hunt for the shoes. Ryder received a pair before they were released, but Hawkins went to the Foot Locker in Toronto where the shoes were exclusively released in search of them and ended up coming up short.

Check out Kingston's conversation with the Hitman below in Episode 35 of I Just Love Kicks.