Daniel Bryan Begs WWE Universe to Hate Him With New 'Planet's Champion' Moniker

We can't blame Daniel Bryan for wanting to clean up the Earth with conservatism and ecological [...]

We can't blame Daniel Bryan for wanting to clean up the Earth with conservatism and ecological awareness. However, it's not New Daniel Bryan's message that we disagree with, it's how he's saying it.

Since turning heel, Bryan has channeled a self-righteous character that is now chafing the WWE Universe on a regular basis. While he dresses up his new perspective as an eco-friendly hero, Bryan's tones are always pious and condescending. And now, he's taken things a step further and dubbed himself "The Planet's Champion."

During a live event this weekend, Bryan took the microphone and blasted the WWE Universe for their meat-eating, non-recycling ways en route to sharing his self-titled nickname.

"You people used to revere the old Daniel Bryan, you used to love the old Daniel Bryan, but the old Daniel Bryan is dead," Bryan said.

"Shut up! I did not give you permission to chant "YES!" I am not here to please you people. I am no longer the people's champion, I am the planet's champion. I'm out here defending the planet from you heathens every single night. I don't care if it's AJ Styles, I don't care if it's the great John Cena, tonight I am going to prove why I am the planet's champion," he said.

Bryan's heel turn has been one of the more intriguing storylines of 2018. While Roman Reigns' leukemia, Becky Lynch's rise, and Rond Rousey's domination have all charged the company, Bryan playing a villain could pay dividends for WWE in 2019.

Bryan's miraculous return in March o this year was one of the best feel-good moments in WWE history. However, that Disney moment could only last so long and became clear that the 2014 version of Daniel Bryan would not be able to double its success so easily. While his summer-long feud with The Miz was fun, it ultimately felt off and WWE ended the storyline in September.

Bryan's heel turn would come in November, and seconds after putting on the black hat, Bryan becomes WWE Champion thanks to a low blow to AJ Styles. Ever since Bryan has been the king of SmackDown and has unleashed an incredibly judgmental campaign against anyone not down with his militantly-progressive campaign.

Per SmackDown spoilers from the weekend, Bryan will defend his WWE Championship against AJ Styles at the Royal Rumble on January 28. We'll guess that WWE is invested in New Daniel Bryan for the long-haul and the 37-year-old will carry his title up to WrestleMania 35.