Impact Wrestling Interested In Signing Alberto Del Rio?

Impact Wrestling, formerly TNA Wrestling, is in the middle of a major infrastructure overhaul. [...]

Impact Wrestling, formerly TNA Wrestling, is in the middle of a major infrastructure overhaul. Once seen as a proper rival to WWE, it's become almost the island of misfits with no proper direction. That could change in the year as Anthem Sports has taken the reins and are looking to set right what once went wrong. That includes the hiring of WWE alumni.

A lot of names have been floating around, but with Anthem reeling in the budget, it doesn't look like you could find all of your favorite former WWE stars jumping ship. Case in point, Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio has been released from the WWE twice in his career, and making his way to the Impact Zone seems like the next logical step, but it doesn't look like the Mexican superstar could be afforded. According to reports, the original plan was to bring Del Rio on for the January tapings, and even possibly at the end of 2016. Producer John Gaburick was at one point trying to bring in Del Rio but the decision was made to hold him off until March. Now, it seems he might not make it to Impact after all.

See, Del Rio has a large booking fee and Anthem has made it know they're being careful with how money is spent. They are not looking into bringing in any former WWE names unless it's a very special situation.

Impact already has added some new blood to their roster by signing ROH star Moose and Cody Rhodes, but could Del Rio add the necessary star power to keep them afloat or should they leave him be and develop new stars?

Either way, Anthem has to fix Impact's budget first, but once things are stabilized, you could expect former WWE performers to make a name for themselves inside the Impact Zone.

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