Hell in a Cell Arena Spoils Yet Another Big Match

The AT&T Center in San Antonio has already leaked a pair of major matches for the September 16 [...]

The AT&T Center in San Antonio has already leaked a pair of major matches for the September 16 Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. And it looks like they just prematurely announced yet another big match.

In an effort to advertise the event, the AT&T Center just confirmed that Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy will go heads up at the Hell in a Cell event. Not only does this potentially spoil another piece of the card, but it also carries SummerSlam implications.

hell in a cell wwe spoiler

Right now, Hardy is set to face Shinsuke Nakamura at the August 19 Brooklyn super-show. It looked like Orton would find a way into the match, but it appears The Viper will only be lurking backstage instead of actually competing. However, if he and Hardy are destined to go one-on-one at HIAC, then chances are, Orton will cost Hardy his SummerSlam match.

There is also the possibility that Hardy wins back the US Championship and Orton emerges at his next opponent, but that doesn't fit WWE's current direction. Shinsuke Nakamura has only held the US title for a month. Even more, before his win at Extreme Rules, the King of Strong Styles was a staple in SmackDown's main event. And before that, he had a major match at WrestleMania that was used for a high profile heel turn. And all of that was preceded by a Royal Rumble win. The point being, WWE is behind Nakamura, so he ends his turn as US Champion after only a few weeks seems a little incongruent.

The safest bet is a Nakamura win with the help of Randy Orton, who has spent his recent return tormenting Jeff Hardy. The interference will make it easy for Hardy to demand a match at Hell in Cell as he and Nakamura will have little left to fight for.

On the latest episode of SmackDown, Orton declared that Hardy is still a target, but as is every Superstar that the WWE audience chose over the Legend Killer. This looks to be the early chapters of Orton climbing back into the WWE Championship picture and once he finishes Hardy at Hell in a Cell, he may be on someone like Daniel Bryan or AJ Styles.

The AT&T Center, as mentioned earlier already looks to have spoiled two massive matches. While WWE certainly could pivot, the San Antonio show will see Roman Reigns take on Kevin Owens and AJ Styles fight Samoa Joe in a SummerSlam rematch. We'll see how thing shakes out, but right now, the AT&T Center is proving that they can't keep a secret.