Johnny Gargano Explains Why He Is Staying With NXT

Johnny Gargano is one of the best big match performers in the history of WWE NXT, and with the brand moving to national television on the USA Network next week, Gargano isn't going anywhere.

There had been a great amount of speculation about Gargano moving up to the main roster, especially after his loss to Adam Cole at the most recent NXT TakeOver show in Toronto.

However, Gargano gave an interview on NXT television (WWE Network) this past week to address his future. He was interrupted by Shane Thorne, and after taking out Throne, Gargano drew "NXT" in the air with his hand, seemingly spelling out his future.

Gargano further addressed his future on social media.


"I made my choice. I poured my heart and soul into this brand for YEARS. You think I'm gonna leave now that everything I helped work towards is finally happening? Not a chance! The phrase going 'up' is dead. We're THE Main Roster now. #WeAreNXT and when you're NXT.. you're NXT," Gargano wrote on Twitter.

NXT debuts this Wednesday night on USA Network at 8:00 p.m. Eastern, with the brand moving to a two hour live show each and every week. Starting October 2nd, they will be going head to head with All Elite Wrestling's show on TNT.