Johnny Gargano Reveals Decision on Staying or Leaving NXT

The last time NXT fans saw Johnny Gargano on their television screens they were wondering if that would be the final time he would hit a NXT ring. Fans were unsure of what his next step would be, as we've seen brief flashes of him on the main roster and many feel as if it's only a matter of time before he makes his debut there. As we learned on tonight's episode of NXT though, that time is not now, and Johnny Gargano is NXT for life. It appears he isn't going anywhere, regardless of what Shane Thorne thinks.

Fans saw Gargano come out to the ring and tell them he had made a decision about his future with the NXT brand, but he was interrupted by Shane Thorne before he could give an actual answer.

Thorne tells Gargano he's just wasting time and that NXT will be perfectly fine with or without Gargano as part of its roster. He then tells him to take a bow and then a walk. Gargano gives a surprising response, saying he's right, but then says he's not going anywhere.

He then hits Thorne with a hard kick and leaves Thorne stunned. He puts his hands up and spells NXT with his fingers in the air, indicating he is NXT for life.

It doesn't look like Gargano is going anywhere, at least for the foreseeable future, and that's probably the best decision for all parties involved. It helps NXT as they move to their USA WWE Network split next week with a big draw, and it also keeps Gargano in the title picture.


He will make his debut on the main roster at some point, but right now there's plenty of talent there already that don't get enough screen time, and we'd hate for Gargano to just get lost in the shuffle. Hopefully, when he does make his debut there they'll actually have a great story in mind.

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