Money Plane, Starring WWE's Adam Copeland, Kelsey Grammer and Denise Richards, Drops First Trailer and Poster

The official trailer and poster for the upcoming action heist film Money Plane dropped on Tuesday [...]

The official trailer and poster for the upcoming action heist film Money Plane dropped on Tuesday morning, starring Adam Copeland (WWE Superstar Edge), Denise Richards, Thomas Jane and Kelsey Grammer. The film features Copeland as Jack Reese, a professional thief who has a massive debt taken over by crime kingpin Darius Emmanuel Grouch (Grammar). Grouch promises to forgive the debt, but only if Reese and his team can pull off a heist by robbing a "bulletproof casino in the sky" known as the Money Plane.

The film, directed by Andrew Lawrence, is set for a July 10 release on digital platforms. Check out the poster below:

(Photo: Quiver Distribution)

Money Plane marks Edge's first film release since he returned to the WWE back in January at the Royal Rumble event. After being in retirement for nine years following a series of neck injuries, he signed a multi-year contract with the promotion and competed in his first one-on-one match at WrestleMania 36, a Last Man Standing Match against his former tag team partner Randy Orton. The two will clash in a rematch at Backlash on Sunday, which WWE is pushing as "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever."

The bout was reportedly taped over the weekend, giving WWE's production team a full week to edit the match before Sunday's pay-per-view. Edge addressed the unusual promotional strategy during an interview with ESPN on Monday.

"If I were to look at it on paper and go right, first proper wrestling match back in nine and a half years and they want to bill it as the greatest wrestling match ever ... I mean, that's pretty pressure filled," Edge said. "But I can't look at it that way, I really can't. I just have to understand that it's promotion and it's hype. I always go out with a mindset to try and have the best match that I've ever had. So I don't look at it in terms of a contest — will it measure up to Steamboat vs. Savage or will it measure up to Shawn [Michaels] and [The Undertaker]. All I can do is measure up against myself, and especially at this juncture in my career, I'm just happy to be out there.

"This shouldn't even be happening. Let alone for the company, and let's call it straight, Vince, to think that he can bill this the 'Greatest Match Ever.' Would I have preferred they not billed it as that? Absolutely. But I also know there are times where heels get dug in the sand and there's no changing it," he added.