New Report Indicates Why Karrion Kross Isn't WWE's White Rabbit

WWE fans have been wondering if the return of Bray Wyatt could actually be happening thanks to several teases by WWE over the past few days. That includes when WWE played White Rabbit live in the arena during a commercial break on Raw, but they also played the Jefferson Airplane song at a live event previously. Some assumed that the song had to do with Karrion Kross, who was known as the White Rabbit in Lucha Underground, but according to a new Fightful Select report, two sources from the company don't think that's the case.

A longtime staff member told Fightful that while they wouldn't have found those teases to be disappointing in regards to a re-introduction of Kross, they don't think the new WWE regime would implement that for someone who has been back for around two months and hasn't shown any signs of changing character.

A top star also added that paying off a tease like this is 'integral in setting the tone for shows moving forward." Having it be a reintroduction of Kross could give Kross another jolt of energy, but he's not really lacking that now. It seems a little soon to start meddling with his character, especially since he hasn't even had a match against Drew McIntyre yet one on one.

That means the odds of Wyatt being the big return increased tenfold, and then someone added more fuel to the fire when they were in the crowd with a QR Code that led to cryptic teases of White Rabbits and text that said Feed Your Head and You Did. The mysterious nature of it all and its presentation has led to this becoming a popular angle throughout the show without being a literal part of the show, and that's increased its effectiveness.

WWE is also playing things pretty close to the vest and so far hasn't listed Wyatt on any documentation and those involved with props and production have also not been notified Wyatt's impending return. Not much is known obviously, though the teases are intentional, and amongst the 20 people Fightful spoke to, almost all agreed that WWE's new creative team would need to deliver on the tease.

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