ROH World Champion Claudio Castagnoli Reveals if Title win is his 'Brass Ring' Moment

Ring of Honor started off Death Before Dishonor in grand fashion with part of their double main event, as ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham took on Claudio Castagnoli, and Castagnoli would go on to become the new ROH World Champion. In the media scrum after the event, Castagnoli reflected on the win and what it means to him, and it's clear it means a lot. During his WWE days, Castagnoli (known then as Cesaro) was always talked about when Vince McMahon's infamous Brass Ring comments made the rounds, and's Liam Crowley asked if winning this Title was his brass ring moment. Turns out this whole month was kind of that brass ring moment.

"What is a brass ring moment. If somebody can find out and explain it to me that would be amazing. I mean, it's definitely an awesome moment, and I feel life and wrestling is all about moments, and how you seize them. How you act in them, and how you succeed in the good ones and in the bad because that's the journey right? And everything I did in my career led up to this. So, if that's a brass ring, I would say the first month was a brass ring moment," Castagnoli said.

"Because it was one of those, okay, how do you replace arguably one of the best wrestlers in history in Bryan Danielson. Okay, I've got to step up because I don't want people to be like 'eh, I kind of wanted', you know what I mean? So to be that and to be able to pull that off and then go into Blood & Guts for 60 minutes. To me it was like this is a fantastic challenge, so if this is the culmination of my brass ring month, that's a really good one," Castagnoli said.

Castagnoli has been on fire since he debuted in AEW and ROH, and now we'll have to wait and see who his next challenger is and what else is in store for Castagnoli. His faction teammate Bryan Danielson revealed tonight that he will be back in the ring on Wednesday, so perhaps that is where we'll also find out who will challenge for Castagnoli's ROH World Championship next.

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