Roman Reigns Burns A Troll on Twitter

Over the past two years, WWE United States champion, Roman Reigns, has gotten pretty good at ignoring the roar of boos he hears every Monday night on RAW. While the crowd's disdain has been aimed more at the direction of his character than at Reigns himself, all that negativity has got to hurt a guy's feelings after a while; even if it is The Guy!

This week, Roman took to Twitter to let off a little steam.


And he threw in a WWE Network plug? ... Corporate Burn!


I like this new Roman. All we've ever wanted to see from him is genuine, human reactions, and there's nothing more relatable than getting into a Twitter war with random strangers. If Roman wants to be the WWE's resident Twitter bad boy, he's out of luck. That title is already firmly around the waist of WWE's Universal champion, Kevin Owens.