Sasha Banks And Charlotte Will Be The Hell In A Cell Main Event

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(Photo: WWE)

For the first time ever, WWE's Hell In A Cell pay-per-view event will be main evented by women superstars, and for the Raw Women's Championship no less.

"The Boss" Sasha Banks and Charlotte will headline WWE's upcoming pay-per-view and history will be made as the two superstars collide in one of WWE's trademark events that is notoriously known for cutting careers short. The Hell in a Cell match was first introduced in 1997 and helped bring in the Kane character in the main event that saw Shawn Michaels take on the Undertaker.

Since then, the Cell has been seen as an ultimate rite of passage in a superstar's career. In the near twenty years of the inception, only 33 Hell in a Cell matches have been made. Of course, that number has risen due to the fact that WWE started a Hell in a Cell-themed pay-per-view in recent years, but the impact of the construct is just the same.

Raw General Manager and WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley confirmed the Banks/Charlotte main event on his Facebook page Tuesday morning, praising both Banks and Charlotte and what the WWE's women revolution means to him.

steph and foley
(Photo: Mick Foley)
Forget for a moment about Stephanie McMahon's jumping high-five or my awkward attempt to hug the #RAW Commissioner. The biggest moment of the night for us came when the #WWE cameras were off, and Stephanie and I just looked at the #HIAC poster, realizing that for #WomensWrestling, history is upon us - as Sasha Banks and Charlotte will main event the #HIAC PPV. I am so happy for Sasha, for Charlotte, for all the women who paved the way, and all those who aspire to follow in their footsteps. It is no exaggeration to say that looking at that poster gave me chills...and they were multiplying.

Sasha and Charlotte have been the building blocks of the new women's division, and the two already have a history that dates back to their FCW (pre-NXT) days, so the story is already woven in. This is truly a historic event not just in WWE history, but for professional wrestling across the board. Sash and Charlotte easily could win Feud of the Year with this match alone.


WWE will present Hell In A Cell only on the WWE Network on October 30th.