Rob Gronkowski Gets Involved In The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Thanks to a little help from his friend, Mojo Rawley is the winner of the 2017 Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. New England Patriots star, Rob Gronkowski found himself in the middle of the ring after Jinder Mahal egged him on in the first row. Gronk smashed Mahal with a running tackle and then hyped up Mojo for the victory.

It was an absolute shocker as both Big Show and Braun Strowman were among the first few eliminated when Show was eliminated by Strowman, then the rest of the roster ganged up to get rid of Strowman.

For the past three years the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal has given Superstars, no matter their place on the card, the chance to have their WrestleMania moment and to have bragging rights for a full year that they outlasted a number of competitors.

This year it has elevated Mojo from the bottom of the mid-card to a place of prominence as he and his best pal, the Gronk stood tall in the center of the ring.

Could this be only the beginning of Gronk's WWE career? It's no secret that WWE has interest in the Pats big man and it's likely only a matter of when he's ready to hang up the football cleats before we see him as a full-time WWE Superstar.


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