Adam Cole Apologizes for Pat McAfee Show Outburst, Triple H Offers McAfee an NXT Invitation

Adam Cole was a special guest on The Pat McAfee show last week, and the former NXT Champion wound up making headlines when he cursed out the former NFL punter after McAfee made comments about his size and how The Undisputed Era was the reason behind his record-breaking reign. On Monday Cole released an apology by writing, "I've had the weekend to think about everything, and it's still hard to put into words where to begin. First of all, to anyone that I offended, I apologize. I apologize because I represent a brand that commands respect. Not just because of what we do in the ring, but how we handle ourselves outside the ring. Even though he continued to push my buttons, I still should have kept my composure and acted like a professional. I'm embarrassed by my reaction, and I will make sure something like that never happens again. Thanks for the continued support everyone."

Triple H appeared on the show on Monday and seemed to push the storyline forward by inviting McAfee to appear on NXT.

"I apologize for Adam coming on your show," Hunter said (h/t Pro Wrestling Sheet). "There's an interaction between the two of you that I believe is Adam being a little bit overly-sensitive and you, honestly, Pat, being Pat McAfee ... you're a professional button pusher. That's what you do. You needle people for a living. You do it very well." He also said it's possible that Pat being an outsider in the wrestling world and picking at something he's not necessarily part of has rubbed some talent the wrong way.

"I don't know if Florida is on your plans anytime soon, I know you come down there sometimes," he continued. "So, anytime you're around, come on the show,I'll promote your show, I'll promote you just like we've done before. And if you don't want to do it that way, if you just want to you and him sit in a room with nothing else around it, and no promotion, not the show, anything like that. I'm fine with that too. This is you and him. Man to man. But if you want to do that, separately, and because you're in Florida or whatever that is, jump on the show. Whatever. Cool with that too. But I do think the two of you should sit in a room."

Cole has consistently expressed his hatred for McAfee whenever the two are on-camera together, whether it be kickoff shows or watch-along panels.

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