Will AJ Styles Leave WWE SmackDown Now That Paul Heyman Is on the Show?

AJ Styles made it abundantly clear in his Twitch streams that he asked WWE to move him from Raw to SmackDown over the summer due to his outrage against Paul Heyman and his involvement in Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson getting fired from WWE. Styles said back in late July, "The reason I went to SmackDown is because I couldn't stand looking at him. I can't stand a liar. I'm a grown man, you're a grown man, why lie? I talked to a lot of guys about this situation. You wouldn't believe how many people that I work with despise this guy because of his lies and he'd find ways to throw them under the bus when he screwed up."

Heyman was fired from his backstage position as Raw's executive director not long after Styles made his request. Last week Heyman made his surprise arrival on SmackDown, aligning himself with Roman Reigns just before "The Big Dog" won the Universal Championship as a heel. Styles addressed his return to television on his latest stream, stating he's not leaving another brand just because of "The Advocate."

"I could care less," Styles said. (h/t Wrestling Inc.) "It's water under the bridge. Listen, I'm not saying I forgot what he's done, but I'm not going to be the guy that holds a grudge. It's one of those things where he knows he pissed me off and how I felt. Just because I don't trust him doesn't mean that I can't get along with him professionally. I'm not going to do or say anything mean to him. It's over. My buddies are doing fine. I was concerned about them when this whole thing went down, but they are doing great [in Impact Wrestling]."

Styles made the revelation in the same stream that he tested positive for COVID-19 last month.

"I also tested positive a couple of weeks ago, probably almost a month ago," Styles said. It's... I feel for people who have to deal with this. But I gotta say, I didn't have that many problems with it. Hopefully The Rock and his family, hopefully everybody is safe and everybody is taken care of and nobody has too bad of symptoms and stuff like that. It sucks, it's not good for anybody. But I went through it, I was one of the lucky ones. I had a headache, but never had a fever."