WWE's Alexa Bliss Reveals NXT Prepared Her For Wrestling Without Reactions From The Crowd

WWE has kept things moving despite the stay at home orders due to the coronavirus pandemic, and has continued to air new shows and have matches in their Orlando based Performance Center. Raw, NXT, and SmackDown have continued in the weeks since those stay at home orders went into effect, and as a result, crowds haven't been part of the matches on any of those shows. It was the same for WrestleMania and will be the same for Money in the Bank, and it's taken some adjusting for both fans and the wrestlers in the ring. We recently had the chance to talk to WWE superstar Alexa Bliss, and in addition to talking about her part in Quibi's Fight Like a Girl, we also had to ask about how it's been wrestling without a crowd. For Bliss, she's actually used to it from her babyface days in NXT.

"Well, actually when I was a good guy back in NXT, when I first started in the ring, I didn't get reaction anyway as a good guy, so I'm used to having no crowd reaction," Bliss said. "I didn't get any reaction until I became a bad guy, but I guess I got used to it because we would have practice matches all the time in NXT where there wasn't anyone there, and I think it's fun."

"I think it challenges us to try something new and to be extra vocal in the ring and help that dynamic of telling the story," Bliss said. "We use the fans a lot in what we do and to tell our stories by using the crowd reaction, but when the crowd reaction is not there, we have to add another element to it. And I just think it's a good challenge and I don't really see much difference with it, to be honest."

It's hard to believe that someone like Bliss never got reactions from the crowd seeing as she's such a crowd favorite these days, but it looks like those early days came in handy, as now she's pretty comfortable in a ring with or without a crowd.

Bliss and Nikki Cross can be found every week on SmackDown, and you can find the official description for this week's SmackDown below.

"WWE Money In The Bank qualifying action continues as Otis battles rival Dolph Ziggler and Mandy Rose faces Carmella. Daniel Bryan also seeks payback against King Corbin and The New Day meet The Forgotten Sons in a non-title match."

Here's the card for tomorrow's SmackDown so far.

Money In The Bank Qualifying Match: Otis vs Dolph Ziggler

Money In The Bank Qualifying Match: Mandy Rose vs Carmella

Daniel Bryan vs King Corbin


The New Day vs The Forgotten Sons (Non-Title Match)

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