Alexa Bliss on What WWE's Women's Tag Team Division Needs Right Now

It's been over a year since WWE reintroduced the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships to current roster, and so far the Women's Tag Team Division had seen its fair share of ups and downs. Unfortunately by the end of 2019 the titles had been pushed into the background and were seldomly defended on WWE television, regardless of who was holding them. In December Alexa Bliss appeared on WWE Backstage alongside Ember Moon and called for the division to get more of an opportunity considering how many talented teams there were across WWE's three brands.

"Our tag division has some of the most talented women on the roster, that are just not getting that opportunity," she said.

Since then Bliss and Nikki Cross have become the first two-time tag team champs, beating the Kabuki Warriors on Night 1 of WrestleMania 36. The pair will make their latest defense on tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw against former champions The IIconics, who returned to television last week and beat the pair in a non-title bout.

In an interview with on Monday, Bliss was asked if things in the division had improved since her previous comments, as well as what the division needs moving forward.

"It was definitely hard for a while for the tag division to get a lot of focus," Bliss said. "Especially when the Kabuki Warriors were tag team champions, we didn't see a lot of title defenses because we saw a lot of Asuka and Kairi competing in singles matches. Which is great, which is awesome, but I think that the more title defenses, the better. And it helps the division as a whole, because I think our tag division has some of the best women on the roster, the most talented. And when we can see the division thriving as a whole, I think it benefits everyone. And I think the only way we're going to see that is with more title defenses.

"Which is why I'm super excited that we have this match with the IIconics, and they're former tag team champions," she added. "Any time Nikki and I can have a tag team match, whether it's with a team that was just put together or former champions, I think it's just helps the division as a whole."

Bliss also talked about the possibility of wrestling as a heel again, since that was the role she expertly played up until her partnership with Cross began.


"It's definitely more fun being a bad guy," Bliss said. "And I still find myself in that in-between right now, which I think works for my character because I think it would be a bit of a disconnect if we see the Alexa Bliss persona take on a totally good guy role. So there's still some moments where I have bad guy moments, but I just keep it as like a sassy good guy in that way. But it's been a lot of fun tagging with Nikki. I wouldn't trade it for anything. And obviously one day, I hope we both thrive as single competitors, but right now, we're just having a lot of fun and it's been great."

Monday Night Raw kicks off at 8 p.m. ET on the USA Network.