Jeff Hardy, WWE Hall of Fame Announcement Booked for Tonight's WWE Backstage

WWE has some big plans in store for this week's WWE Backstage. Just one day after his brother Matt confirmed that his WWE contract had expired, former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy will appear on the show for a sit-down interview. "The Charismatic Engima" hasn't been seen on WWE television since suffering a leg injury back in April 2019, and after being arrested twice for alcohol-related incidents he was reportedly instructed to handle his personal issues before WWE would put him back on the touring schedule.

On top of that, WWE will also announce the next member of the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2020. So far the class includes Batista, The New World Order (Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall) and The Bella Twins.

Reports in recent weeks have pointed to JBL, Jushin "Thunder" Liger and British Bulldog as potential inductees as part of this year's class.

As for the Hardy family, Matt released a video shortly after his contract expired confirming his free agency. Though they both signed contracts in early 2017, Jeff will stay with WWE for at least another year due to the time he missed because of injury.


"As of this current time, I have decided to let my contract with WWE expire," Hardy said. "I am going to become a free agent, and that's not saying I'm not going to return to WWE, I did not want to leave WWE, I love WWE, WWE is my home. WWE has treated me great as an employee for the last three years, they've been great to me, they've been great to my family, they've been great to my kids — I have nothing but great things to say about WWE and all the people who work there. And going back twenty-plus years ago, if it wasn't for Vince McMahon I would not have been able to obtain the life, the quality of life I currently have. So I will always be grateful for that and I will always be appreciative of that."

"I am positive that am some point I will definitely be home, back with WWE once again," he later added. "I mean, I think there's definitely a WWE Hall of Fame ring waiting on myself and my brother. But I think right now, I need to weigh all my options, I need to see what all's out there, and I need to see what is going to be the perfect environment for Matt Hardy to maximize these next few years of my career. And really give me a creative canvas to paint my masterpiece, because that is what I want to do right now."