Batista Reveals Incredible Idea He Had for His Entrance Music That WWE Shot Down

Whether it was the original "Animal" theme or Saliva's "I Walk Alone" version, Batista had one the best entrance themes of WWE's Ruthless Aggression Era. But when the Guardians of the Galaxy star came back for a brief run in 2014, he wanted to change up his entrance theme just a bit. As he explained to a fan on Twitter on Wednesday, "The Animal" had recruited The Wu-Tang Clan's RZA to perform an updated version of his entrance theme, but for some reason WWE shot down the idea.

Batista (real name Dave Bautista) worked alongside RZA in the 2012 martial arts film The Man With the Iron Fists. The former world champion played Brass Body in the film, while RZA directed and starred as the titular character.

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