WWE's Bayley Reveals What Happened to the Bayley Buddies

WWE fans couldn't be more excited that Bayley is on the way back to WWE, and recent social media posts have teased that may happen sooner than later. While fans wait to see her back in a WWE ring, they can still get a kick out of her always entertaining social media game, and a perfect example of this in action is when Bayley revealed what happened to the Bayley Buddies that she slashed during her famous heel turn. This started when WWE tweeted a video of that moment and asked "Bayley Buddies: Where Are They Now?" And tagged Bayley, and her response was perfect.

In her reply, she posted a photo of a framed orange Bayley Buddy, which also included her Hugger logo and a picture of all of the Bayley Buddies together below it. It also featured her signature that reads "Take care of him for me!! Bayley". Bayley added the caption "After I fired them, they sold their soul and made LOTS of money. @WWEShop".

The Bayley Buddies have even made it into toy form courtesy of Mattel, who created a Bayley based on that famous moment complete with a torn blue Bayley Buddy included in the set. At least the orange one also found a good home after the falling out.

Fans are hopeful to see Bayley make her return with each proceeding event, including Money in the Bank, though it didn't end up happening there. It's not like there was any shortage of surprises at the event though, as Liv Morgan would end up winning the Money in the Bank briefcase to kick off the night and then would cash it in on Ronda Rousey to become the new SmackDown Women's Champion. She's since appeared on Monday Night Raw and will address what's next for her on this week's SmackDown.

As for Bayley, the next logical place for a return would be SummerSlam, which happens later this month. It would be the perfect time for a return, as both Morgan and Bianca Belair could use a new challenger in the mix. Bayley previously teased that she would be a free agent when she came back, but with how much plans have changed over recent months, we'll just have to wait and see how it all turns out.


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