Daniel Bryan Teases Roman Reigns Feud With Latest Talking Smack Promo

Talking Smack has been doing a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to Roman Reigns' storylines lately. This week's episode was no exception, as Daniel Bryan came face-to-face with Paul Heyman and dropped some pretty big hints he'll be next in line for challenging "The Tribal Chief." Bryan announced on this week's SmackDown that he'll be competing in the 2021 Men's Royal Rumble and flat-out stated he'd be challenging Reigns at WrestleMania if he wins the 30-man match.

"If I win the Royal Rumble, that means that I will go to WrestleMania and face whoever's the Universal Champion," Bryan said. "And Paul, I don't lay claim to being better than many people, at certain things. But I'll tell you this - I'm a better fighter than Roman Reigns, and I sure as hell am a better wrestler than Roman Reigns. And if I win the Royal Rumble and face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, he's still the champion, I will beat him for that championship. Here's another thing. If he's not champion, somewhere down the line I'm going to beat him anyways."

The clock may be ticking on whether or not Bryan can get that big match with Reigns. He openly admitted in an interview earlier this week that his current WWE contract is almost up, and that he'll be pivoting to a part-time role after that in order to focus on his family.

"I still love wrestling and I feel like I'll always love wrestling, and as long as I can do it I'll do it, but do I want to continue wrestling full-time? When, like, you've got two babies at home, also... I just say how much I love wrestling and there's this weird part of me, and even talking about it now, and I've been wrestling for over 20 years now, it fills me with this joy and it almost gives me like an energy, like, when I start thinking about it, it's like, 'Ooooh,' kind of the shakes, right?" Bryan told BT Sport.

"...So now I'm just kind of switching priorities in my life where for years wrestling took up kind of the key focus and all that kind of stuff," he added. "My contract is coming up soon and not to say that... but we're looking to transitioning me into maybe less than a full-time wrestler. My time of being a full-time wrestler are numbered and I'm more going to be like a full-time in dad, part-time wrestler, right? [laughs] Wrestling is my side job, daddying is my most important job."