Diamond Dallas Page Wants To Give a Diamond Cutter to The Rock

Diamond Dallas Page (aka DDP) is a WWE Hall of Famer, a three-time former world champion and one of the most beloved pro wrestling legends in the industry. A massive part of his presentation during his in-ring days was his Diamond Cutter finisher, a move he'd find dozens of different ways to deliver. Page's latest onscreen appearance came this past Sunday at the Ric Flair's Last Match event, where he nailed Matt Cardona with the move after Cardona, Brian Myers and Mark Sterling interrupted the Impact World Championship match between Josh Alexander and Jacob Fatu. Page hasn't wrestled since January 2020, but he still has a few more Diamond Cutters left in him. 

Page spoke with ComicBook during the Starrcast V convention this weekend and was asked who is the one person he'd like to give his last Diamond Cutter to. He looked straight at the camera and said, "If I could do drop it on anybody, it would be The Rock. Do you hear me talking, Rock? Do you smell what I'm cooking? (Laughs) I love The Rock."

The two have never shared the ring for an official match as Page spent the bulk of his career over in WCW. He arrived in WWE in 2001 but spent most of that year feuding with The Undertaker. 

Page came out of retirement back in January 2020 for a six-man tag team match on AEW Dynamite. He then stated publicly back in March that he was completely done wrestling. 

"I've done the stem cells three times now," Page said. "There's helping. I'm in ridiculous shape, but I'm still sore. I just can't imagine, because I know all my work was really between 35 and 49. Now I did other stuff after that but it wasn't big stuff. I just can't imagine what these kids today what they're doing to their bodies. Darby Allin is one of my very good friends and he does the program five-six days a week as part of what he does. He's very serious about the maintenance of his body."


"He's got a show that's coming out on TNT or TBS and it's called Darby's Day Off. I was there as I watched him in a jeep, build a ramp and jump over his house and crash into these little trailers. ...That's what he does. All the abuse he puts on his body, God, I just can't imagine him and the Young Bucks and the Lucha Brothers. It's all of them."