WWE's Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H. Score Bloody Win Against NXT's Toxic Attraction

WWE's Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H. faced NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Kayden Carter and Katana Chance at Worlds Collide, and at one point they were quite close to taking those Titles for themselves, but their shot was ruined by Toxic Attraction. That led to a match between the two teams during tonight's NXT, and Doudrop and Nikki were out for some payback. Unfortunately, the match didn't start out that smoothly for Doudrop and Nikki, as Toxic Attraction's Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne were in control for a substantial part of the match. Doudrop and Nikki would rally though and come back with a vengeance, and while Doudrop was sporting some blood from her nose afterwards, she and Nikki came away with the win, and now perhaps Toxic will look for some payback on Monday Night Raw.

Nikki started off int eh ring against Dolin, and she slammed her down and then tagged in Doudrop, who hit a nasty elbow drop on Dolin. She then tagged in Nikki but Dolin got her into their corner and then tagged in Jayne, who taunted Nikki as she hit her with kicks to the back. Nikki pushed Jayne away and then hit a dropkick followed by a running Bulldog and a roll up but Jayne kicked out. Nikki kept the punches coming and then put pressure on Jayne's shoulder and arm with a hold.

Jayne managed to escape the hold and send Nikki flying out of the ring, and then when Doudrop got in Jayne's face, Dolin kicked connected with a big kick to the head and knocked her down to the floor. Jayne got Nikki back in the ring and brought her down again and taunted some more, hitting some strikes and chops in the corner, but Nikki came back swinging and went for a cover, but Jayne kicked out.

Nikki kept the attacks coming with a knee to the back and another cover, but Jayne kicked out again. Nikki was hit by a kick from Dolin on the outside and then Jayne capitalized with a clothesline. Then Dolin tagged in and connected with a headbutt before taunting Doudrop. Dolin attacked Nikki and then Nikki tried to tag in her partner, but Dolin sent her into the opposite turnbuckle. She tagged in Jayne who hit a chop and a kick to the stomach, but Nikki connected with a knee only to be brought back down by Jayne for a senton into a cover, though Nikki kicked out.

Jayne dragged Nikki back to their corner and tagged in Dolin, and when Nikki tried to get to her ring Dolin halted her progress and locked in a hold to put pressure on Nikki's arm and shoulder. Dolin dragged Nikki back to their corner again, with Jayne and Dolin hitting consecutive moves on her in the corner. Jayne then went to lock in a hold on Nikki, and the crowd tried to get Nikki back into the match. Nikki kept Jayne from tagging in Dolin but she kicked Doudrop's hand away and hit a neck breaker on Nikki. Jayne missed her next attack and Nikki crawled towards Doudrop, and Dolin tagged input Nikki made it to her partner.


Doudrop hit a massive chop on Dolin and then hit a headbutt and kicked Dolin's leg out from under her. Jayne then jumped on Doudrop's back but Doudrop slammed Jayne down onto Dolin and then hit a Senton. Doudrop then hit a suplex on Dolin and slammed her into the corner turnbuckle before hitting a splash and going for the cover. Jayne broke it up at the last minute but Nikki attacked and slammed her head onto the ring apron and put Jayne between the ring skirt and the ring. Dolin was caught by Doudrop and slammed down and then hit with a splash, and Doudrop would get the pin and the win for the team.

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