Drew McIntyre Retains WWE Championship After Interference From Lana

Drew McIntyre walked out of Backlash still the WWE Champion, and he has Lana to thank for helping him pick up a win over Bobby Lashley. Before the bell could ring to start the match, MVP distracted McIntyre long enough for Lashley to lock in the Full Nelson. A group of referees eventually ran down and convinced Lashley to let release the hold, but McIntyre was clearly hurt as a result.

Lashley dominated the good chunk of the match and looked to have things locked up when he countered a Claymore attempt with a Spear, but only managed a two count. Then Lana walked down to the rin.

"The Ravishing Russian" walked onto the apron and started telling the referee "you cheated." Amidst the chao McIntyre nearly pushed Lashley into his wife, then nailed him with a headbutt. The collision caused Lana to fall off the apron onto MVP, and in to confusion McIntyre hit a Claymore for the win.


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