Drew McIntyre Reveals Who Gave Him the Sword for His WWE Raw Entrance

Before he won back the WWE Championship on this week's Monday Night Raw, Drew McIntyre arrived in the ThunderDome wielding a massive sword as part of his entrance. The Scottish star planted the sword into the entrance ramp, causing fire to shoot out around the ThunderDome. But there's actually a story behind the sword, one that deserves to be in the pantheon of crazy Vince McMahon stories. McIntyre told FOX Sports' Ryan Satin this week that when the backstage crew realized they didn't have a sword to use for the entrance, McMahon offered up his personal authentic Scottish Claymore.

"We [Vince McMahon and I] had a conversation about it," McIntyre. "I was just thinking about walking out with a kilt. But, obviously, he likes to take it a little bit further. Suddenly, we had the sword and the pyro, and he was very hands-on with this."

"I guess I'll just let the cat out of the bag," McIntyre continued "The sword I had is actually Vince's sword. It was gifted to him by Stephanie [McMahon] and Hunter [Triple H]. I did not know how it started but I believe the conversation went, 'we need a sword and we don't have one.' And Vince goes, 'I have a sword.' I heard that story and told him, 'of course, you have a sword.'"

He later added, "...It's funny, I'm from Scotland and I have never seen a sword store before. They went out of their way to get a legitimate Scottish Claymore [sword] as a gift for Vince. And suddenly when I was walking by the ring on Monday, Hunter asks me, 'didn't I get that sword for Vince?' And I was like, 'yes, you did!'"

McIntyre wound up beating Orton with his Claymore finisher to win the WWE Championship for the second time. He'll face Universal Champion Roman Reigns at Survivor Series on Sunday.