WWE Fans Think John Cena Is Behind a Massive Donation to Shad Gaspard's Family

After the tragic loss of former WWE superstar Shad Gaspard, friends and fans have rallied around his family and started a GoFundMe to help with a variety of expenses. Many have shown their support too, as the GoFundMe has soared past its $100,000 goal, and a significant chunk of that came from an anonymous donor, who donated $40,000. The donor didn't leave their full name, but the account was titled CTC RIP, and because of what meaning CTC has to wrestling fans, many are thinking it was John Cena who made the donation.

"The GoFundMe for Shad Gaspard's family reached it's $100,000 goal in just one day, after an account called 'CTC RIP' put it over the edge with a $40K donation a few minutes ago," Mike Killam wrote on Twitter. "More than 75% of it came from CTC, Tony Khan, Jas Mathur, Jericho, Cameo & Ryan Barkan/PWTees. 🙏"

CTC could very well stand for Cryme Tyme Cenation, a faction that Gaspard, JTG, and Cena formed in 2008. Cena would also be able to make that substantial of a donation, and he would also be someone who would donate it anonymously to keep things focused on Gaspard's family and not himself, so it adds up.

Regardless of who it was, it was a great gesture, and many have made sizable donations to help the family, including Chris Jericho, Tony Khan, and more.

The memorial for Gaspard was held on Friday at Venice Beach, the site of Gaspard's tragic death. Shad's wife Siliana Gaspard invited a multitude of friends, family, and fans to the memorial to show their love for Shad, who told lifeguards to save his 10-year-old son first as they were being swept away by powerful waves. Unfortunately, a large wave submerged him before lifeguards could get back to him, but his son is thankfully safe and sound because of his actions.

You can find the description for the GoFundMe below.

"As many of you have heard on Sunday (May 17th) tragedy hit as Shad Gaspard went swimming with his son Aryeh - when they got caught in a riptide. When the lifeguards went to rescue them, Shad made the ultimate sacrifice and told them to save his son instead.

Family meant everything to Shad so we want to do anything we can to love and support them during this difficult time.

Shad's friends are coming together to set up this GoFundMe to help his wife Siliana cover bills/expenses, Aryeh’s future college fund and we invite you to please join us.

Every little bit helps.


Your love and support is greatly appreciated!"

Our thoughts are with Shad's family and friends at this incredibly difficult time.